Blog has me constantly scanning the news for interesting content about Gambling, and today I found this press release about an exciting new movie.
New film spotlights high stakes gambling.
NEW YORK, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ – On October 7th, the highly anticipated film about the fast-paced world of sports gambling will premier in North America. Two for the Money, starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, follows the path of wheelers and dealers whose fortunes are won and lost betting on sports.

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Recently new Traders began adding content to the CT Blog on creating a blog. So far it’s worked out really well and I expect to add other writers soon. Last week CT hosted over 12,000 unique user sessions.
Odom & Frey Futures & Options
Odom & Frey Futures & Options is a full service firm that specializes in option strategies for the futures markets. The firm is a collaborative effort between Matt Odom Managing Broker/Energy Analyst and Derek Frey Head Trader/Currency Expert. Together they bring their clients the highest quality, in house research coupled with trade design not typically available to the retail sector.

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Cantor Fitzgerald Launches Online Casino

LONDON, September 29 /PRNewswire/ — Cantor Fitzgerald has today announced the launch of Cantor Casino, an online casino offering customers a range of games including roulette, blackjack, video poker, video slots, mini baccarat as well as two popular Asian games, Pai Gow and Sic Bo. Cantor Casino is the first product to emerge from newly formed Cantor Gaming, an online and mobile gaming business, which will offer managed facilities for online casinos to a variety of companies in the UK and Europe.

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OffshoreNet goes to ASROC

My next tour of duty, aside from a jaunt back to my great digs on the sand of Miami Beach, is planned as a week in San Jose, Costa Rica, for the first of December, to attend back-to-back conferences, the first of which is associated to the Winning Streak Business Plan of developing a “Player Reward Club” connected to a new Debit Card designed specifically for Americans to Gamble On-line. I’ve posted this information on OffshoreNet because much of the on-line gaming industry is based “offshore”, and this site in particular, contains information related to this burgeoning industry.
The ASROC conference is designed to discuss Alternative Payment Processing Systems for internet businesses. The importance of this event could not be more emphasized today than ever before. In the wake of a new demand for debit cards, ATM cards and other forms of online payment systems, the ASROC conference establishes a forum to meet current industry needs for finding and integrating reliable online e-commerce systems as alternatives to existing forms of payment processing.

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Intellectual Security – Fair Use Policy

Declaration of independence from copyright infringement for the Blog
One of the best resources on the web, for understanding Copyright Law and how it pertains to the web, is provided by Stanford University and is called “Copyright and Fair Use. This great resource features primary material (laws and statutes), current legislation, guides, links to other key copyright resources, commentary and analysis, as well as current articles related to legal issues.

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Silicon Palms web server traffic

Every Sunday night at midnight the Silicon Palms server, home to a dozen active websites, automatically performs a analysis of the access logs using a software called Urchin 5, to generate very thorough and extremely accurate visitor reports. Urchin 5 is the best in my opinion, and I’ve tried many other similar software, because the reports are generated from the Log files and not from a Java script or some other data base tracking system, which often rely on cookies or small pieces of code imbedded in the pages.
Last week led the pack with 14,766 unique user sessions, followed closely by with 14,079, making up 27% and 26% of the overall web server traffic. was a ways back with 6,181. An interesting note is that visitors remain the longest on, sometimes an average of 8 minutes, and read an average of 3 pages.

Continue reading “Silicon Palms web server traffic” Executive Summary is a Direct Marketing Company concentrated on Internet Gambling operations. Since 1997 the founders have specialized in helping Internet Gaming businesses get and keep customers. (WS) plans to develop an Affiliate Network and Portal for the Gambling Industry.
The Company (WS) is planning to develop a “Player Rewards Club” to sell CRM (customer relationship management) for customer acquisition and player retention to On-line Casinos and Sportsbook gaming companies (US$20 billion a year industries). The website will features a unique Affiliate Network to empower independent marketers, by enticing Gambling Portal Webmasters to join the network and earn money (commissions) from our Gaming partners, and monthly over-rides from the Player Rewards Club.

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Welcome to Silicon Palms Weblog

My name is Aaron Arthur Day and I’m the editor, publisher and founder of Silicon Palms. This is a new software on an old Blog, as several things prompted me to remove the old content and software, which was originally started in 2001, and replace the entire weblog section of the Silicon Palms site with this new Movable Type personal publishing system. If you’re arriving here due to a lost of missing page, then I apologize, but all of the old content will be re-published, however you may need to use the “search” function to find what you were looking for.

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