Business Growth System

Strategic Profits Coaching Program
Rich Schefren was introduced to me by Mike Filsaime in an email just prior to the release of the Internet Business Manifesto. As a self professed information junky, with a penchant for self improvement, this document truly struck a chord with me. I keep a categorized folder just for eBooks and usually open new ones to make sure they’re scanned for viruses and ready to read, then come back later in the day to check-out what I’ve downloaded to read.

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Website Metrics

Metrics refers to the standard of measurement and when relating to website visitor traffic there are 3 basic standards which include; hits, page views and user sessions. In the early day everyone used the “hit’s” measurement since it will generally be the largest of the 3 and often sounds the best. However, a single user can create a dozen or more hits from a single page view, then banner and text link ads refer to “impressions”, sound confusing?

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Copyright FAQ’s for Bloggers

Another Blog that I publish is called “Intellectual Security” and is information related to Intellectual Property (IP) topics such as copyright, trademark and patent law. Most of the content is Press releases but occasionally I come across interesting articles, so I write to the authors and ask for permission to republish. I met the attorney and IP expert John Farmer in 2004 in this way and now he’s provided 2 excellent articles for that site.

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Track ‘n Trade

I’m always on the lookout for digital download products to sell on Commodity Trader and my other sites, so recently I became an affiliate for Gecko Software, they offer the best solution for tracking, charting and back testing the Futures, Forex, and Stock Markets. Go ahead and click on the graphic to download your free 30 trail version of Track ‘n Trade 4.0.

Search Engine Marketing

It’s time to get my mind back on making money, so it can be spent on more travel and lifestyle. Planning a trip to Santa Catarina to experience the great beaches of Southern Brazil and visit the city of Florian√≥polis, for sometime in February, so stay tuned.
Meanwhile, it’s time once again to analyze and then improve the search engine rankings of my sites an blogs. Search engine marketing is not my favorite task but it’s very important, so much so that it could, or maybe should, be a full-time occupation. I’ll review some of my tips for search engine marketing.

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Article Management

Several weeks ago I was attempting to find a new, lighter version CMS (content management system) on the best comparison site of it’s kind, called When I say new and lighter, I mean new to me and lighter than Movable Type (MT), as I’ve installed dozens of MT CMS’s and publish pages every day using MT but it’s too big of a program and more than what I needed a CMS for, which was for publishing, archiving and managing a few dozen articles in a directory and then be able to share those articles across my network.
My CMS comparison research turned up a real gem of a software program and one of the first open source programs of it’s kind; TextPattern

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Sovereign Lifestyle Guide

Since the early 90’s I’ve been involved in publishing information about offshore banking and investing. In 1995 I attended my first major conference of offshore service providers, at the El San Juan Hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico. In attendance there were experts from almost every Caribbean Country, as most of these countries offer no-tax, or very low-tax investing and banking to foreigners that use the financial services of these so-called “tax havens”.

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Cyber Estate Developer

Silicon Palms was incorporated in Florida on 9.9.99 and has always been the culmination of my desire to become financially independent from the proceeds of web design, development, and marketing. My first company OffshoreNet was the precursor of the dream but the company name was misleading and stereotyped me too much. To this day OffshoreNet is one of my favorite projects and a component of the Silicon Palms cyber estate developer network.

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