On becoming a webmaster

Che Guevara monument
Che Gavara monument
Che Guevara monument in Brasilia

The very idea that I can record my own video and publish my own pictures and information on webpages, to share with the world over the Internet, compels me to constantly try to improve my communication skills and learn more about editing, producing and publishing.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to website development, sadly however most people think that everything is about money. Yes, money is important but becoming proficient in a skill that can make you money is more important. Everyone must put-in their 10,000 hours if they want to become an expert at something/anything, that’s just the law of the jungle.

I wanted to become an expert webmaster from the first day I heard that word, and ever since I kept finding more software like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Camtasia, plus a dozen other programs that needed to be mastered, in order to broaden my scope as a webmaster. The process can continue for ever, to me it’s totally enthralling.

Content is King; you soon learn. Curating, editing and publishing is where it’s at when you’re on-top of your game in a competitive niche online. It’s then all about becoming the authority in a topic, through the power of words and ideas. It’s anybody’s domain to conqueror.

Aaron in Brasilia
Aaron in Brasilia

Converting eyeballs (web traffic) into dollars, or monetizing the content, as they say in the Digital Marketing Experts courses, the best of which, in the “How to make money online genre”, is the Internet Business Manifesto by my former coach Rich Scheffren. (Note: coaching can accelerate your 10,000 hours learning cycle to become expert). This knowledge delves into product development, shopping carts, merchant accounts and everything related to revenue, including sales and marketing, in my opinion the most important aspect of online business development, however these are topics for another time and we’ll get to that because I just want to focus on this on becoming a good webmaster.

Becoming a good webmaster is the first step in learning how to make money online and at least one proven path towards achieving that objective. If you can learn to be proficient with WordPress, you can make money online. Once you become an expert, you could build a dream business to support a dream lifestyle.

The WordPress personal publishing platform is the most ubiquitous content management system on the Internet. The WordPress Open Source community is the largest group of programmers on the planet, in every country, in every language, involved in every published word online, there is a wordpress blog somewhere involved. Master WordPress to take the best first step towards becoming a webmaster.

Back in the saddle…

Brazil beach cruiser
Ride in style – Brazil beach cruiser

Welcome to the new WordPress site for Silicon Palms. When installed it said: This is my first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! So I left it as it was and started blogging (again). What motivated me was an opportunity to bring some incredible Internet products and services to Brazil.

For years I was an advocate of Movable Type (MT) content management software but a couple of years ago, after Sixapart the parent company was bought by a Japanese tech company, the open source community dispersed. WordPress advanced in quantum leaps in the time that MT was stagnated, the open source community grew to be larger than any other software community online, with hundreds of excellent and practical plugins. Not to mention the massive design community with theme templates and entire frameworks to ride on top of WordPress and achieve outstanding SEO services to accompany the awesome design choices. More info here http://sydneyseoservices.net/.

Still the point remains the same; how does a small business make money from the Internet, or by using web marketing? This is the most important question and the reason I have rebuilt Silicon Palms website, to turn my attention, once again, back to web development. The business development experts and/or venture capitalists will tell you that the key to success, in any business, is the model to make money – the business model. I’m convinced that I’ve arrived at Mecca when it comes to business models and this site is going to be the vehicle for me to promote the new strategy.

The life-blood of a business is cash flow and the key to cash flow is sales. If a product and/or service can sell itself, than all that needs to happen is marketing and advertising but aside from sex and drugs, most products and services require a concerted, professional sales-team and a strategy, added to an enthusiastic sales campaign. This is what lays in front of Silicon Palms but as they say, before you can work the plan, you need to plan the work – so without further ado – I’m off to launch a new product line.

Please come back soon to learn more about the new improved Silicon Palms. Thanks for taking the time to read this impromptu blog post.

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Brazil for Offshore IT Outsource

I recently returned to Sao Paulo, Brazil after 6 months in North America, if there were an economic downturn in the rest of the world, they forgot to mention it to Brasileiro’s. This country is drunk with economic excess, even the street vendors are upgrading equipment and spending more money than ever to build-up their businesses. The signs of growth are everywhere in this city, especially in the Event Planning and management Corporate Event Planner, which is sprouting new high-rise condominiums, like springtime grass on a newly seeded soccer pitch. The economic growth Rio, for a change, is even more accelerated than Sao Paulo.

FIFA World Cup 2014
FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil’s commitment to sport can be seen in the further venue investment that is already under way in Rio. The world-famous Maracanã stadium will close next year for two years of refurbishment. The areas around it will be renovated, with access and transport links improved as the entire neighborhood is reborn ready for host the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Work is already underway on the ongoing development of the Olympic Training Center (OTC), which includes many of the state-of-the-art venues built for the 2007 Pan and Parapan American Games. The OTC will be at the heart of the Rio Games – and international sport for years afterward. Athletes and coaches from all over the world will be offered scholarships to what will be a new regional hub for sport.

2016 Olympic Games
Olympic Games, Rio 2016

With a strong economy and now guaranteed funding, Brazil’s economy is now the tenth largest in the world – and predicted to be fifth by the 2016 Olympics. Brazil is the world’s second biggest food exporter, one of the world’s largest oil and ore producers and the fifth largest advertising market. This diverse economy is the engine that drives South America and one of the world’s top 10 consumer markets. Brazil has the highest levels of Internet use in the world and according to the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (commonly known as BRASSCOM), Brazil’s offshore IT outsourcing market hit $1.4 billion in 2008, rising 75 percent in a single year, making this one of the best places in the world for a web development company.

Experts predict that an additional $500M will be spent just on IT and web development for the FIFA World Cup of soccer in 2014. The overall Latin America market for outsourced services, is expected to grow 12 percent in 2010 to $8 billion, according to Forrester Research. That’s on top of the $19 billion that local companies spend on IT consulting services. However, Brazil has approximately 250,000 IT professionals, 23,000 annual IT graduates, and infrastructure capable of supporting double-digit growth, this places Brazil firmly at the heart of the IT services supply chain in the Southern Hemisphere.

In October 2009, a report from Gartner claimed that “Brazil’s economic footprint combined with having the largest domestic IT consumption in all of Latin America, as well as international recognition as one of the most promising and rapidly emerging economies, makes it a natural destination to evaluate for IT services.

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We all want to be young

Sao Paulo, Brazil has some brilliant film producers and Internet marketing minds. Recently a Brazilian company that specialize in behavioral sciences and consumer trends released a short movie called “We All Want to Be Young”, this brilliant film is the outcome of several studies developed by BOX1824 over the past 5 years.


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Layer Cake Analogy

Layer.jpgOne of my favorite movies is called “Layer Cake” a 2004 film set in London that focuses on an unnamed successful cocaine dealer (played by Daniel Craig). At only 29, he has a respected place amongst England’s Mafia, and is secretly planning to retire from the business. There’s a couple of quotes in the film that I find particularly relevant to my career, first is the main advice of the entire plot, imparted upon the main character by the wealthy businessman near the end of the story:

The art of good business is being a good middleman.

This is a meaningful quote to me because for most of my career I’ve been working at being a good middleman, even if you consider the purpose of web publishing, more often than not, it’s about providing information to readers related to places, people, products or knowledge in the hopes of bringing them together to consummate a deal. Web publishing is about being a good middleman, it’s important not to forget that the surest way to become successful in this business, or any business, is to help other people get what they want.
Another favorite quote is from the same character, the successful businessman to the dealer:

You’re born, you take shit. You get out in the world, you take more shit. You climb a little higher, you take less shit. Till one day you’re up in the rarefied atmosphere and you’ve forgotten what shit even looks like. Welcome to the layer cake son.

My slant on that advice as it relates to web publishing is that, over time, if you consistently publish respectable web content and learn the tricks of the trade, sharpen your product-knowledge and focus in on reaching your target market, the day will come when the work get’s easier, generates more revenue, and brings you closer to that point in time, when you own a valuable web publishing business and control your destiny.
Silicon Palms has continued to grow, the products have improved and more and more opportunities are introduced to me, whereas one upon a time I had to seek products to sell. Now the process has become easier and more lucrative. Perhaps the rarified atmosphere of having forgotten what shit even smells like has finally arrived?

Security Traders

st_banner120x120.gifSecurity Traders is a new social network for stock market investors. Please visit the new site I just launched using the Movable Type community software platform and feel free to sign-up, log in and post your own trade ideas, commentary, or global market observations. The Security Traders community is for sharing information and communicating with like-minded individuals who invest in global stock markets.

Winning Streak History

I can still remember
the day I registered WinningStreak.com
back in 1995, I was living in South Florida at the time and there was an
article in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel about a new proposed gambling ship
to be docked at the famous Bahia Mar, the article went on to say that the name
of the boat was the “Winning Streak”. At that time I was involved in
developing one of the first on-line Sportsbooks and we had just installed an
on-line Casino on a server system in Curacao but late at night, about 2:30am in
the morning, I awoke and wondered if the Domain name was available, sprang out
of bed and logged on to the Internet to find out. Imagine that? Winning Streak
was available, so I registered it. The gaming ship project sank.

Continue reading “Winning Streak History”

Movable Type

In 2004 I switched to Movable Type personal publishing software (also known as MT), since 2000 I’d been using a software called Radio from one of the original blog inventors, which I suspect is now near extinction, especially since WordPress has become so ubiquitous to blogging. At first I used the MT software just for Blogs as I tested and tried dozens of other content management systems (CMS). At that time there were dozens of PHP code repositories that offered individual components and/or modules, all in Open Source, so web geeks like me could just install theses onto the core and keep adding databases and then the various scripts we needed to achieve the desired applications. The idea was to install all the various scripts and tie it all together on the web.

One of my favorite sites for open source downloads, back in the beginning of the hay-day of the PHP development was EvilWalrus.com, you could get just about any type of program for free and find support on a Forum from an active community of hackers trying to do the same things. Then the CMS “all-in-one” systems came, fast and furious, I tested one after another and settled on Mambo for awhile, then it changed names to Joomla but I became disenchanted with the CMS concept as I found them to be too buggy and never liked the user interface.

Fast forward: Movable Type evolves it’s personal publishing platform to do more things and manage more tasks, the open source community grows and adds more components and modules, which they call plugins. The user interface is superb to anything else and the versatitlity of the software has grown to the point where you can do anything with MT that you could do with any of the 100 or so leading CMS software packages. I dig Movable Type

Back on a Winning Streak

Finally feel a burst of new energy and have some encouragement recently from a few enquirers about hiring Winning Streak to do some Internet marketing for on-line gaming companies, or i-Gaming as it’s known. Online gaming has always been one of my favorite industries, so I couldn’t resist getting back to work on one of my oldest websites.

Currently Winning Streak has an Alexa rank of 1,868,122 with about 40 unique visitors per day. At one time this site was very busy with 1,000 visitors on a low-traffic day and it generated significant affiliate revenue. Now begins the challenge to see how fast I can get the traffic back to where it once was, then go beyond that level to get back on a winning streak.

I just finished CAP Euro Barcelona

This post was created automatically when I finished the installation process of MT 4.0. This Blog is used for testing components, plugins and themes etc… all the good stuff that can be added and modified in Movable Type before I make similar changes on other sites that use the same software. So please be patient as I attempt to get caught up and then back to posting more real articles, photos, and ideas, on this and other Blogs that are designed, developed, and managed by Silicon Palms.