Gerhard Wolfgang

I’ve been publishing web pages for over 12 years now and an advocate of the open source movement. A few years ago I started following the OSWD (open source web design) and have found some really great themes and templates there, actually it’s largely because of reverse-engineering other designers web pages that I’ve learned what CSS, HTML and PHP that I know. Recently I came across some designs that are in my opinion a “quantum leap” beyond anything I’d previously seen.
The template design in Gerhard Wolfgang’s work is extraordinary, like a perfectly balanced composition. As long as there’s incredible programmers him, putting his work into the public domain for others to use and improve, then I’m going to continue taking them up on the offer.

Crown & Anchor

Invest Offshore - Crown AnchorMy first effort of image development for a web site design started over 10 years ago with the “crown & anchor” which I believe offers image correlation for “invest & offshore”. Back in my early days of learning Photoshop this was a good practice subject, one which I’ve continued to devote time to right up till present day. Now I’m challenged with the task of making all sizes of banners from this icon, and the very difficult small buttons (120×60 pixels). Far from being a graphics wizard, everything comes to me from trial and error.
The Crown & Anchor image featured here, originally started out in the pages of a book about Naval insignia from the library. The symbol from the Dutch Navy is that of an Ensign, was scanned from the book, enlarged and then pixel by pixel transformed to become the icon I’ve used all these years for Invest Offshore.
My favorite colors to use with the crown & anchor are royal blue, gold and purple. Recently the blues and purple colors I’m fond of were found in an image taken from inside a large and powerful breaking wave, which lends the effect of motion and I find the effect to be very pleasing to the eye – see the design mock-up.

Open Source Web Design

Looking for a new design or some great design ideas? check out the largest resource of free, easy to download web design templates on the Net. It’s known as, which stands for “Open Source Web Design“. Often times the original designer requests that you leave a link back to them when you publish pages using their design, however since these designs are “open source” you’re free to modify, edit or improve upon the design but in all fairness it’s not a good idea to attempt to sell them to others.
View a collection of my favorite designs by clicking here.

Zen of Web Design

My first web page designs (from scratch) were published sometime in 1994, very crude but made with a simple Notepad editor. I consider that I was very fortunate to have had an excellent teacher in RJ Sullivan he’d been trained in college about commercial art then went on to work for major advertising agencies and for big design firms in NYC. Bob was much more passionate about fine art and music but figured commercial art was a good means to pay for those pursuits.
We became business partners and Bob shared many art design philosophies with me, one of his favorites saying’s was that often “less is more”.

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Designing websites

My favorite occupation is designing websites, trying to match the best look and style with the subject focus of the website. Of all the things that I do using my computer, it’s the initial design of a website that comes most naturally to me and therefore the task where the most amount of time can go by without my even thinking about the time. When the correct design is applied on a topic or subject it’s like a light goes on and immediately I know that the design is on track. Sometimes it can take dozens of attempts to get to that point.

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Casino Beach

Today got a new design and upgraded software, from Mambo to Joomla. Probably sounds like Chinese unless you happen to know the bleeding edge of the open-source movement. If you’ve read anything at all about Content Management Systems (CMS), you’ll probably know at least three things: CMS are the most exciting way to do business, CMS can be really, I mean really, complicated and lastly Portals are absolutely, outrageously, often unaffordably expensive. Open Source has changed all that.

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Brief History of the Web

Where It Was Invented and How It’s Used
March 1989
The World Wide Web has its historical roots in things such as the creation of the telegraph, the launching of the Sputnik and more, but it really all started in March 1989, when Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland wrote a paper called Information Management: A Proposal. In this document, he wrote “just another program” (BBC, 12/31/03) that happened to revolutionize the world as we know it.

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Recommending Movable Type

Ever since I’ve been using Movable Type (MT) I’ve never taken the time to write a recommendation or review. Perhaps I was too busy using their awesome software, to write about how great I think it is? Whatever the reason, the matter is being addressed right now.
The first Blog I installed MT for was called Trader Wizard, the Capital Markets Guide, (now defunct) and that was back in the early part of 2004. That Blog went on to become quite busy and was the first test and learning curve about “comment spam”. Since then I’ve installed a half dozen or more Blogs using this same great software, and subsequently mastered dealing with comment spam by installing the MT specific, open-source software solutions.

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Offshore on-line gaming

The growth in offshore Internet gambling, surpasses any other industry sector, and is one of the hottest topics today. Experts say the business is in it’s infancy and predict it to generate revenues exceeding $100B within 10 years. Bear Stearns Securities came out with a report suggesting that the industry would reach $125 Billion by 2015. No matter who you believe, the fact is that this sector of the new media economy is here to stay.

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